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Real Estate
73% of sellers will choose to list their home with an agent who will market their property WITH VIDEO
  • Video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. 
  • Agents who use video grow revenue 49% faster than agent who do not use video.
  •  Initial emails with a video receive nearly double (96%) the click-through rate resulting in more meetings booked.
  •  Less than 11% of agents are utilizing video in their current marketing strategy.
What We Offer
  •  We capture your brand, personality, and listings as beautifully as possible.
  •  We create specialized video that matches your marketing needs with high-quality content that uses cinematic cameras, aerial footage, graphic overlay, and more.
  •   We provide platform-specific resolutions and aspect ratios that are optimized for conversion.
  •  We save you money on high-quality video that can be forever repurposed or distributed. 
"... I have only known Jayson for 6 months but the impact he has made on our team and my perception of the power of having a true marketing professional far exceeds the length of our partnership...."
Laura B. - COO, Beer Home Team

"...His breadth of experience allowed him to not only educate our team on new opportunities but to do so within the constraints of a fast-moving and lean startup environment. Jayson is a dedicated professional who strives for perfection. He is an excellent problem solver and he understands the importance of metrics to help drive business decisions and optimization of revenue for the company...."
Marc M. - CEO, Volstrukt 
If you don't love the video we make, you pay nothing.
We believe in what we do. Simple as that.
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